all taken on our trips


just a few birds videoed during quieter moments of our most recent Bolivia tour.


Below are two videos taken on the previous trip.



Titicaca flightless Grebe, video by Pauline Hogg on our first trip there.


Below are photographs from our 2017 tour.



Many-coloured Rush-tyrant....probably the prettiest small bird in South America



Giant Conebill



Titicaca flightless Grebe with a chick


Tiwanaku ruins - the cradle of the Inca Civilisation.




Smooth-billed Ani

Plush-crested Jay



Blue-crowned Trogon


King Vulture



Short-tailed Antthrush

Guira Cuckoo


Crested Oropendola



Bolivia Slaty Antshrike male above, female below




Vampire Bat



Crimson-crested Woodpecker


Dusky-green Oropendola


Cinnamon Flycatcher


a Bolivian Starfrontlet was mobbing a Yungas Pygmy Owl

Fire-bellied Mountain-tanager


Andean Avocet


White-backed Stilt



Cochabamba Mountain Finch


Tufted Tit-tyrant








El Alto, a city above La Paz


Bare-eyed Ground Dove


Andean Flicker




Titicaca sunset


Andean Gull


Glacier Finch (White-winged Diuca Finch)


This Great Horned Owl was rescued having fallen into a skip.

It was sat on the rescuer's settee!


Purple Honeycreeper


Black-backed Grosbeak


Azara's Spinetail


Golden-olive Woodpecker


Squirrel Cuckoo



White-bellied Hummingbird chicks in a nest in the garden.




Crested Oropendola


Andean Guan


Deep Blue Fowerpiercer


White-throated Quail-dove


Black-crowned Woodpecker


Crested Quetzal



Blue-banded Toucanet




Cinnamon Flycatcher



Orinoco Goose



Many-coloured Rush-tyrant




Yellow-winged Blackbird


Black Siskin




Andean Lapwing


Yellow-winged Blackbird



Rufous-collared Sparrow


Wilson's Phalarope and part of the 800+ seen at Titicaca below




Titicaca Grebe







Titicaca at dawn from the hotel bedroom window

Andean Coot at dawn


Barred Fruiteater



Tawny-bellied Screech-owl


inscription on the Sun Gate at Tiwankhu


Los Volcanes National Park


herding Llamas



la Cumbre Pass



Black-crowned Woodpecker



The "Death Road" made famous by BBC's Top Gear is now a wonderful, spectacular and quiet place to go birding following the creation of a new bypass.


Llamas on the shore of Titicaca and below our group took a ride to see phalaropes

Tiwanaku's ancient ruins are the most important in the Andes




All photos below were taken during my  recee in 2015. Of course, there was so much more that is not depicted here. We have to find hotels close to birding sites, the best birding route, and the best local guide. I was accompanied by Hector Slongo, an artist working on the forthcoming Bolivian Field Guide. Hector showed me many of his paintings as he was delivering them to the publisher during our trip.

Together, we visited Lake Titicaca, where there are floating reed-island villages. An old man here had helped Thor Heyedhal to build the Kon-Tiki, as well as several other boats that he would use on his expeditions.

Titicaca is home to a flightless grebe, which we saw extremely well. Our tour will visit the Tiwanku ruins. This is where the Inca empire began, its people spreading north into Peru, finally building Machu Picchu.

Few people realise that much of Bolivia is lowland forest that encompasses part of the Pantanal. So there are Umbrellabirds, macaws and even a cave filled with Oilbirds to visit.

Los Volcanes National Park, has one of the most spectacular back-drops to a birders hotel that I have ever visited. I found Spectacled Bear prints and there are Jaguars here, but both rarely seen. Andean Condors soared over the peaks and Military Macaws roosted on the cliffs. From here, I drove through dry valleys and elfin forest to Cochabamba, home of several endemics that included the Cochabamba Mountain Finch.

La Paz and Coroico have high passes were Andean Gulls and White-capped Dippers haunt the clear streams, below the snowy mountains.

So far few people have visited this country, which retains the charm of its bowler-hatted ladies. Tourism means that new roads and lodges are being built. So as usual, it is good to visit before everything changes.





White-capped Dipper

Scribble-tailed Canastero


Cinnamon Teal



Grey-crested Finch



















Flightless Titicaca Grebes























Los Volcanes





the tiny flat green patch just left of centre, is where our hotel is!!!!












La Paz






the high pass at Coroico










Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.


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