Lance has recently returned from a very enjoyable recce to Gujarat, the western most state of India. The weather, birds and mammals all performed admirably so we are now advertising a tour, the first to this destination. The images below offer a flavour of what can be expected. 

Yellow-wattled Lapwing - a typical dry country species.

Colourful scenes from the roadside, here wash morning!

Wild Boar.

Asiatic Wild Ass, restricted to the Rann of Kutch.

Sykes's Nightjar, a nocturnal speciality of the region.

Another highly sought after Gujarati inhabitant - the very localised Stoliczka's Bushchat.

 Somnath Temple, a place of significance for Hindus.

Rufous-tailed Lark.

Red-tailed Wheatear.

Painted Stork.

A male Nilgai.

Little Green BeeEater.

Asiatic Lion in the Gir Forest, their only home in the world.

Asiatic Lion

Indian Wolf at Velavadar

The exquisit Indian Courser - now that's an attractive bird!

Grey Hypocolious, here a male.


there are an abundance of birds in Gujarat, here a flock of Brown-headed Gulls with a handful of Slender-billed amongst them.

Gujarat hosts the only site in India for Grey Hypocolius, here a female.

Demoiselle Cranes roosting in the Rann of Kutch.

Crested Serpent Eagle sunning itself in the early morning sun at Gir.

Crab Plover.

Street scene.

Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse.

An eyecatching male Blackbuck at Velavadar.




Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.





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