These lovely photographs were sent to us by our local guide in Hungary and Transylvania, Janos Olah.



Thrush Nightingale

Three-toed Woodpecker


Male Rock Bunting

Pygmy Cormorant

Male Ortolan Bunting

Middle Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Spotted Eagle



Aquatic Warbler



The following pictures were actually taken on our tours.

One of the highlights of this tour will be to find a family of bears.


This fine male Wallcreeper put on a delightful show for us on our first morning out birding!

Collared Flycatcher can be tricky to find here, but a pair were near our first hotel.

White Stork is a common nesting bird.

Various amphibians can be found on this trip. Including Fire-bellied Toads and Green Tree Frogs.

The old city of Sigishoara was worth a visit to break up the journey to our next hotel.

The citadel is the most striking feature of this UNESCO listed city.


The Festoon was a favourite among the butterflies seen on this trip.




The forests short on quantity but high in quality.

Crested Tit, Firecrest, Crossbill and Black Woodpecker were typical birds of high elevation.

The charm of Romania is still maintained as the horse and cart is as popular as the family car.

The Saxon architecture supports stork nests in most towns.


The race of Ural Owl here is a much darker brown than those found further north.

Black Redstart - a common garden bird.



Wallcreepers will be arriving back on their breeding grounds at the time of our visit. These pictures were taken in the Bicaz Gorge where we expect to see them again.





The Hortobagy National Park in Hungary is a World Heritage Site.



This Dipper was feeding by a watermill in Transylvania.



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