These pictures were all taken by tour member, Peter Webster.


Rufous-vented Chachalaca in the grounds of Blue Waters Inn, Tobago.


Black-throated Mango in the Asa Wright garden.


Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in the mangroves.


Copper-rumped Hummingbird is the commonest hummer at the feeders.


Trinidad Motmot is a relatively new split from Blue-crowned Motmot. They are especially common and confiding on Tobago.


It was great to get such good views of Collared Trogon.


Red-billed Tropicbird birds were nesting on Little Tobago and so we got incredibly close to some!


It is always a great experience to visit the Oilbird cave, if rather eerie!


Peter managed some great shots despite the fact that we are only allowed just inside the cave entrance and we do not use flash photography.


We could not get enough of the superb male Tufted Coquette, that was a regular visitor to the Asa Wright Nature Centre garden.


The coquette is so small and fast, it is more like a very colourful bee.


This male Anhinga gave very close views and shows some birds can be both beautiful and rather odd looking.


Red-capped Cardinal is the national bird of Trinidad as it reflects the colours of their flag.


Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were seen on both islands.


We had lots of great roadside views of Rufous-tailed Jacamar while in the forest on Tobago.


Green Honeycreeper was a regular visitor to the feeders at Asa Wright.


Yellow-chinned Spinetails were seen well on several occasions. These were at an area known as the Melon Patch.


.....and finally one last look at the gorgeous, male Tufted Coquette!





Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.



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