Phil's photographs on this page were taken during Roger's Tour to Brazil. Phil joined the group as a client having heard how good it was and he was not disappointed .

This was our fifth trip to the country and it was the fifth tour that celebrated seeing Jaguar.

In addition, Phil stayed on for 2 weeks to recce new parts of the country. Roger had already done some exploratory visits and Paul will continue this reconnaissance work in December. This is in readiness for a different Brazil itinerary. There are some additional pictures from extension to wet your appetite.


We spotted a Giant Anteater in the Pantanal. It allowed us to get close views as long as we remained down-wind of its sensitive nose.

Later, Phil was able to spend time watching another digging for ants. By keeping silent, still and down-wind, the creature slowly approached to 2m, before Phil's nerve went and he retreated. These animals are said to be able to open up the chest of a man with their powerful claws.


The claws on this animal were about 2 inches long.

A family of Giant Otters were in the river in the Pantanal. They approached our boat too close to focus on at times!


This Tropical Screech Owl was one of a pair that called outside my bedroom!



The Star-throated Antwren is a tiny little gem.



Campo Flicker is a big ground-loving woodpecker that is common in dry open grasslands.

Aplomado Falcons are one of the smartest of raptors. This one moved from tree-to tree as we tried to pass it.

Immature Tiger Herons have a whacky crest that can be raised to threaten any stork that gets too close.

Male Snail Kites specialised in eating crabs on this visit rather than Apple Snails.

This Sun Bittern was bothered by a fly that kept landing on its bill as it tried to fish. After shaking the fly off a few times, it ate it allowing it to hunt in peace.

The Do-ype trees were in full flower along the road into the Pantanal.

Snail Kite

This American Pygmy Kingfisher had a mayfly on its bill.

Being a nightjar nut, Phil opted to try and get some flight shots of Nacunda Nighthawks, while others watched them from the shade by the pool.

Jacanas were tiny compared to the giant water-lillies.

This Ringed Kingfisher watched from one of the less 'solid' bridges in the Pantanal.

Hyacynth Macaw is one of the star attractions here.

These Nunbirds were singing in a chorus together, while swinging on the branch.

This Jaguar was hiding beneath a tree enjoying the shade above the river.

It was probably waiting for a quiet moment to swim across the water, as it moved along the bank beside our boat rather than retreating into the jungle.



After a while it sat down by the bank again to watch the tourists pass by.

More Nacunda Nighthawks. These birds feed over the open waters and grasslands of the Pantanal.



Brazillian Merganser is one of the rarest duck in the world. This pair were seen displaying, before they took their family fishing.